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Automatic synchronization

Synchronistaion automatisch

Automatic synchronization ensures that each complete, applied product will be mediated the following night in the previously entered national authority (MPN AT and/or MPN CH). The promoter of the target authority can activate and sample the next day, so with little effort, music editors can see a new product.

Promo track
A product is complete when at least an audio track is present for the promo track, which also can be played at MPN.

The activation of the synchronization and the creation of automatic synchronization is carried out by the MPN team. The prerequisite here is registration in each national authority as the MPN number is necessary for synchronization of products in each target authority.

Deactivating of the automatic synchronization

Should a product not be automatically synchronized the following night then the industry-admin. can break off this product’s automatic synchronization. This does not mean complete deactivation of the entire automatic synchronization of all products, but only for this particular product.

The Industry admin is the body which has the right in the industry to administrate the user, maintain contact default settings and carry out company default settings.

To find out who is the Industry Admin in your industry go to default setting “User administration” at the tag “Admin”.

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