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ARD Archive

The ARD Archive is the actual archiving system of your products for the purpose of future research via public radio broadcasters. As opposed to the 90 day promotion period, ARD editors have access to the tracks beyond the 90 day period.

Association membership
Members of the BVMI (Bundesverband Musikindustrie e.V.) and the VUT (Verband unabhängiger Musikunternehmen e.V.) are obliged to put their products in the ARD Archive. For this obligation a remuneration of 2.80 Euros is paid per track from the field of popular music (so-called “U-Musik”). The delivery note is written by PHONONET, payment goes through ARD:
all other labels are free to place their products voluntarily but will therefore not receive any remuneration.

The ARD Archive can be controlled by means of the navigation menu in the upper bar at MPN.

  • The recording of titles is subject to various criteria, which must be fulfilled.
  • In the section sampling archive we explain how the titles are entered into the ARD Archive.
  • You can obtain more price information from our price list.

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