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Add files

Alongside enabling a text or a link to be inserted you can also upload data yourself at MPN which the editors in turn have made available for download.

At this point you can upload promo images and press releases, but also the EPK (Electronic Press Kit) or other data for which you require space. When selecting a title you can organize the uploaded data into the following categories

  • Biography – life story of the artist
  • Discography – list of releases up to now
  • Interview
  • Tour dates
  • Miscellaneous – promo texts, press releases and similar
  • Its own title – if it does not fit into any of the previous categories, you can enter it its own individual title here.

Should you wish to change or delete the title or data then you can simply carry out the changes at the relevant place and save once more. To delete an entry please click on the “x” to the right of the title selection.

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