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Regarding an action you can determine from when till when each action is valid and which editors you want to sample.

You can set up several actions within a campaign, for example should you wish your title only to be a listening sample and allow the download later.

90 days
The terminating date of the campaign is valid for all actions (90 days after the starting date of the campaign). This can be changed in the action 1 manual, in which one can also shift the starting date. This helps avoid, you mistakenly going over the 90 days thus incurring extra cost.

In addition, there are various options which limit or extend the rights of the editors who you have with this product.

  • FLAC download – Institutions, who have the right to download can request the audio data and transfer it into their broadcasting systems.
  • MP3 download – sampling and delivery to all media institutions which can download the
    audio files directly to the computer.
  • Permint mailing request – You can request entitled addressees to send a mail with audio data.
  • Video download – Hereby you allow selected editors to download video data on their own local computers. Please do not select this, otherwise the video can only be streamed.

Afterwards you can activate the entire sampling by clicking on “Activate campaign”. If you have chosen a start date for the same date your product obtains the status “active”. Should the campaign begin at a later point in time, you will find the status “activated” (see also the instructions at campaign).

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