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How much is a sampling?

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The costs for sampling are product-related and independent of the number of titles or tracks. That means a single with, for example 2 tracks costs just as much as an album with for example 12 or more tracks.

20 Euro base rate

  • Registration of the complete product information or data entry as well as scanning of cover and booklet pages by Acamar to be provided to various editorial departments and/or archive submission.
  • Availability of the data for all editors selected by the promoters for 90 days.

5 Euro ARD (in addition to base rate)

  • Submission to the complete ARD (including all stations).
  • Transmission of the music files to the ZSK and to a central music server in Frankfurt.

3 Euro per private radio channel with download authorisation(in addition to base rate)

  • Submission and delivery of tracks and meta information to private radio stations which are connected to MPN via VPN/SFTP.

5 Euro Video (in addition to campaign rate)

  • Submission and delivery of video and meta information to registered editors.

220 Euro complete data submission (incl. video)
For 220€, all editors registered in the MPN (including ARD) and all ARD Archives will be provided with complete item information.

Music Letter/Musik Promotion Mailing
Per Music Letter/Mailing, 0.50 Euro is charged for each email recipient.

MPN Newsletter
For participation in the weekly MPN newsletter:

  • Premium placement: 65 Euro
  • Standard placement: 50 Euro
  • Vorschau placement: 10 Euro in addition to premium or rather standard placement

Exclusive submission to ARD Archive
For the exclusive submission to ARD Archive 25 Euro is charged. With items containing more than two discs, an additional 10 Euro is required for every additional disc starting with the third disc.

Annual overview of kick-back with increased promotion volumes (promotions/label/year)
050 –   100 => 05.0%
101 –   250 => 10.0%
251 –   500 => 12.5%
510 –   750 => 15.0%
751 – 1000 => 17.5%
751 ab 1001 => 20.0%

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